Anna and Tenika are two driven, passionate and real individuals who have extensive experience in many facets of business and personal development and want to share their expertise with you and your workplace.


While running their own successful coaching and consulting businesses, Anna and Tenika found themselves at the same workplaces after being contacted separately to run individual training sessions. What stood out to them during this time was how aligned their vision was for developing people, culture & connection. What also became very clear to them was that their strengths, weaknesses and skillsets crossed over perfectly.

They both knew in that moment that by combining their powers they could make a greater impact those around them. They also knew that if anyone could change the world one workplace at a would be them!  And now.. 



Our workplace transformations have lasting impact. We enable businesses to pause for a moment, re-evaluate, re-align and then transform. A solid foundation is put in place to allow for improved culture, leadership, process, wellbeing and ultimate bravery.

What stood out to both of them was how much more efficient and impactful these ‘Corporate Training Days’ could have been if they were created as a whole package. If they could have taken these clients on a journey from beginning to end. A journey of awareness inspired action and sustainable change-Rather than the 2 disjointed sessions delivered by separate entities.

What also stood out to them time and time again was how passionate each other were and how aligned their vision was for developing people, culture and human connection. So after a few coffee catch ups and plenty of deep conversations about how combining their superpowers could change the world, Corporate HQ was born.

Now they get to spend their days doing exactly that- Building courageous leaders and thriving teams through Corporate Team Development days. After working with countless workplaces, Corporate HQ recognises the need for businesses to Pause for a moment, Re-evaluate where they are currently at, Re-align in the direction they are wanting to go and transform their teams built on solid foundations of culture, communication, processes wellbeing and ultimate success.



As a Professional Development Coach & Mindfulness Facilitator, Tenika thrives off helping individuals increase their awareness and understanding of themselves and their relationships with others.

Tenika helps teams understand how interconnected the workplace is and how the success of any team starts with the individual.

With a background in the Community Services sector; Tenika has developed, delivered and managed various programs within Primary Health Care and Alcohol & Other Drug Services.

Her drive is to empower individuals and workplaces to not only consciously show up but lead with success and compassion.

Tenika is originally from Australia but her passion for travel, people and culture has taken her to over 35 countries. She has been ‘living the dream’ in NZ for the past 4 years with her husband and 3 kids and absolutely loving the kiwi experience.


As a leadership, culture, communication and strategic guru, Anna shows people how to feel more powerful and connected in their universe and help spread change and solution throughout the entire organisation.

Anna’s background is diverse having experience in marketing management, hotel management, project management, economic development, chamber of commerce, tertiary education, governance, and business ownership. 

Her passion is to create passion and see businesses that go from survival mode to thriving.  To create change, businesses must start embracing change. 

Anna is a devoted mother to 6 children and a love for all nature, hiking, boating, yoga, road tripping, meditation and singing.