With a foundation in place your business is like a stone castle built into a cliff that has withstood the elements for thousands of years – it is strong enough to weather the storms ahead. Without this foundation, your business is more like a sandcastle – it is weak and vulnerable and will struggle to last beyond the next incoming tide.

After years of experience and working with countless workplaces we have identified 6 crucial areas required for the success of any business.

We call these key areas our 6 PILLARS OF SUCCESS.

By understanding and implementing our Pillars, your business will be led by certainty and direction, rather than hope and luck.

Current research suggests that by effectively investing in your team you can; reduce stress and absenteeism, increase productivity, increase creativity and innovation and improve your workplace culture.

Also, by creating a solid foundation within your team, you can ensure your business will evolve, grow and expand even through the tough times.

This part of business development appears to be a challenge for most businesses…

Maybe because building this foundation is not the SEXY front-line?

Maybe because it’s not the new branded vehicle or the buzz you get from launching a new product or service?

Or maybe it could simply be; you haven’t had time, or you just don’t know where to start??

Whatever it is for you, what we can tell you is;

Lay down the roots, learn who you are and integrate the following pillars into your workplace and you will create a successful business with a foundation that can withstand any impact!

Every individual plays an integral role within a business and it really does start with you. Learn how to master your mind and how it affects you, your relationships and your workplace.

  • Self-awareness
  • Managing Stress & Other Difficult Emotions  
  • Building Resilience
  • Science of neuroplasticity
  • Mindfulness
  • Integrating a wellness program  

Poor mental health is one of the current leading issues within any workplace. Increased support in this area leads to a decrease in absenteeism and increase in productivity and workplace culture- It’s all starts with the individual.

Culture has a huge impact on employee engagement, productivity and business growth.

Businesses of all sizes need to understand how to build a positive, productive culture that reflects their core values and unites employees around a shared vision.

  • Values alignment and integrity
  • Mastering habits and behaviour change
  • Building a culture of respect and inclusion
  • Building healthy team-esteem
  • Providing effective coaching and feedback
  • Navigating conflict and mitigating hostility
  • Expectation setting for team members
  • Effectively influencing others
  • Leading others through change
  • Developing a code of cooperation

A strong, coherent strategy lies at the heart of every successful business. It is a clear strategy that will give you the certainty of knowing where you want to be and how to get there.

  • Set the direction
  • Picture of the future
  • Purpose and vision
  • Developing a shared understanding
  • Create the priorities and strategic initiatives
  • Create a strategy map
  • Define success metrics
  • Align the team and execute

Do you find yourself being consumed by the tasks that are not going to grow your business? Put the right systems and processes in place so that your business runs efficiently and effectively.

Your business is never too small or too young to start integrating more efficient systems. You need it to work for you, so you stay in control and not the other way round.

  • Communications skills
  • Performance management and tracking
  • Integrating viable systems
  • Professionalism
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • Task and activity management
  • Elements of professionalism
  • Service strategy

For any business to succeed, you must first start with the leader or senior team. You cannot expect any organisation to change or transform if you do not change yourself.

  • What makes a courageous and successful leader
  • EQ
  • Creating a personal leadership brand
  • Building resilience 
  • Managing personal change
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Goal setting and action planning

Designed for team leaders, owners, managers, senior management and anyone that manages people within.

Challenge your body physically, move out of your comfort zone and join together as a team for a deeper connection.

To build culture within a team, you have to escape from your everyday format. You have to break the glass ceiling by pushing your team outside of their comfort zone. Successful culture is built when you see your staff at their most vulnerable moments.

Could include:

  • Bootcamp Style Workout (Choose your level & intensity)
  • Physical  Team Building Activities
  • Yoga or Pilates 
  • Nature hikes / runs
  • Other adventure activities like rafting, abseiling, ropes course (if development days are 2+ days)